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Knee Pain, Osteoarthritis- Magic Relief

Written by Julie Taylor

knee-painThis article about knees caught my attention becausetwo of my own sons had knee problems when they were just kids - 12 years old. Now in their early 30's both of them still have problems and ache. One son became a cyclist because his surgeon advised him to build the muscles in his thighs and calves …

Laughter Yoga - All the Way to the Health Bank

Written by Julie Taylor

LaughingYogaGoddessAn important addition to health - a fashion - has swept across North America at a furious pace over the last few decades. Even traditional doctors agree that yoga, in all its forms, are great for body and mind. But they require tying yourself in knots and holding impossible positions... Don't they…

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What is normal anyway?

Written by Julie Taylor

There's been some interesting talk recently about the effects - almost always invisible - of brain injury on the everyday life of those who have suffered a TBI.

When you're standing in the dock in your suit and tie before the judge, you look perfectly normal?

But what's underneath that cool exterior?

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Childhood Vaccination Dilemma

Written by Julie Taylor

My son had a precious baby daughter the other day and is now plunged into the dilemma of whether, when and against what to vaccinate. There are over 46 separate vaccines being forced on us today - all of them representing $$ and jobs to the pharmaceutical companies as well as a possible benefit of b…

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